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Welcome to Cape Coral Housing Development!


Cape Coral Housing Development Corporation is a Florida not-for-profit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to the economic revitalization of the beautiful city of  Cape Coral through a partnership with city government, local lenders and homebuyers by the development of decent, safe, and affordable housing offered to low-income families.

CCHDC is funded by the City of Cape Coral which includes State (SHIP), Federal (CDBG) and private grants.


Enhancing our Community with Affordable Housing


Cape Coral Housing Development buys foreclosed homes, the homes are fixed by professional contractors, and the good as new homes are then sold to eligible individuals like yourself.

Cape Coral Housing Development does not make a profit on the sale of the home and the price never exceeds the appraised value. If you qualify for a first mortgage, the agency will provide the difference in the price of the home and your first mortgage and closing costs.

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Board of Directors


President Lenora Marshall Blue Water Realty
Secretary Martha Warchol Warchol, Merchant & Rollings, LLP
Treasurer Dionne Tucker OChapple Insurance
Vice President Ginny Yates Markham Norton
Director Sal Maniscalco SunTrust Bank
Director Darla Lloyd Lloyd Bryant Realty
Director Sheila Jeffrey Bank of America
Director William R Zacovic School District
Director ToniRae Hurley Iberia Bank
Director Robert Davis Turbine Generator Maintenance
Director Jadira Hoptry Fifth Third Bank